Soapi x Lekker magnetic soap holder

15.0 grams

Magnetic soap holders may not seem like a new concept, maybe even your grandmother had one, but the truth is that this system is incredibly practical and durable. And let's face it, grandmothers often know exactly what works.

Soapi's design is the perfect mix of sustainability and simplicity. With this holder you can easily hang your body bar on the wall or in the shower. You press a clean soft drink or beer cap into your body bar and click it magnetically against the holder.

The best part? Soapi is made from more than 90% recycled fishing nets!

  • consists of more than 90% recycled fishing nets
  • simple and durable design
  • the body bar can leak easily

  • ***Body bar and bottle cap are not included.***

how to use

Step 1. stick your Soapi on a flat, clean and dry surface.
Step 2. press a bottle cap halfway into your soap and hold both briefly under water so that the cap sticks better to the soap.
Step 3. let it dry and you're done!


- the holder consists of more than 90% recycled fishing nets
- durable and vegan adhesive layer


5 x 5 x 1 cm

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